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Workout at Home with Matrix

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For Opening Times during the Jubilee Bank Holiday (Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June) please visit our opening times page

Matrix Home Fitness Workout app

Stay Active. Stay Fit. Stay Connected.

  • Workout of the Day - members will have access to a unique, new workout every day (this feature is powered using our Personal Trainer Portal)
  • Advanced Workouts - encourages members to create their own workouts or select from carefully crafted at-home workouts
  • Master Trainer Workouts - this will link to the YouTube channel showing many of the MX4 workouts and other movements led by our Matrix Master Trainers
  • Connected Apps - the app consolidates member's data from wearables, exercise equipment and third-party apps in one place, so members have a complete view of the activity and always get credit for their hard work
  • Goal Center - members can capture stats and display them with intuitive graphics so they can chart their progress and celebrate their success
  • Activity Feed - allows members to like and cheer on others within the community
  • Challenges - members can join challenge that build community through competition
  • Push Notifications - keeps members motivated with tips on fitness, nutrition and wellness
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
Matrix Fitness Home Workout (iOS) Matrix Fitness Home Workout (Android)


I already have an xID. Can I use that one in this app?

If you've already associated your existing xID with a user account in another app, you will not be able to use it in the Matrix Community App.

I already have an account on a different app. Can I use that account to login to this app?

If you already have an account on a different app, you will not be able to use that same account to login to the Matrix Community App.

I downloaded the Matrix Community app, but I see a screen that says "Let's find your fitness facility by name or code." What name or code should I use?

In the "Name or Code" field, simply type "matrixfitness", then tap the Continue button. You will see a pop up that says "Additional resources (12.1 MB) are required to launch the latest version of the app." This is normal. Just tap the "Allow" button to proceed to the "Login | Sign Up" screen.

When I tap the "Workouts" tile, it says I need to link my eGym account. Is this required to use the "Workouts" feature?

Yes. You can create an eGym account or login with your existing eGym account from within the "Workouts" tile. This enables you to view your workout results history, access the exercise library content, featured workouts and manually enter workout results.

I don't want to share my workout activity in the "Activity Feed" with other people using this app. Can I opt out?

Yes. You can opt out of sharing your workout activity in the "Activity Feed" by tapping the circle button in the upper left of the screen. Next, tap the "Settings" button. Finally, tap the "Privacy" button. Enable the radio button next to "Select 'Private' if you do not wish any of your activities or achievements to be shared with other members of your fitness facility."

I received automated emails related to Goals, Challenges or other information. Can I turn these off so I do not receive the automated emails?

Yes. You can opt out of receiving automated emails by tapping the circle button in the upper left of the screen. Next, tap the "Settings" button. Finally, tap the "Email Preferences" button. Set the toggle buttons to the "off" position for the automated emails you prefer not to receive.