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Indoor Classes

Outdoor Classes

Information and how to book

  • You will need to pre-book these sessions Book Online(The booking system will not be live until 27th for members)
  • Booking is 2 days in advance for members and 1 day for non-members
  • Classes and availability will vary from site to site
  • Please come class ready and bring your own exercise mat for class should you require one
  • Covid secure procedures will still be in place. You can read about these here
  • Spaces are limited
  • Outdoor Classes may be cancelled due to poor weather for safety reasons but our aim is to continue with classes whenever possible
  • No outdoor classes will take place during the April Bank Holidays

There are many benefits of outdoor exercise:

  • Exercising outside reduces the transmission on Covid 19
  • Outdoor workouts are even more challenging due to your body having to work harder with uneven surfaces and the natural elements. This means you will burn more calories and improve your balance and core skills.
  • Fresh air helps to alleviate insomnia
  • Being outdoors provides us with essential vitamin D, which helps us maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles
  • Fresh air and natural light invigorates and provides more energy for the mind and body
  • Outdoor exercise can help ward off depression and anxiety because sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that affects your mood.


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How our sites are operating now that we are open

We are now open. Find out more about how we have reopened with our Covid safety procedures and details of how to access our services.

This includes information on procedures in the gym, class studio, swimming pool and sports hall.

Find out more FAQ's In the Gym In the Class Studio In the Swimming Pool In the Sports Hall

When indoor classes can restart

In the Class Studio

  • Changing rooms, lockers and showers will not be available to gym or exercise class customers.
  • Please attend already changed and bring a bottle of water with you as water dispensers will be turned off.
  • The class may be in a different location to where it usually takes place, please follow the receptionist's instructions as to where the class is taking place and the route to follow to get there.
  • Please Do Not bring a sweat towel with you.
  • Please do not enter the class before given permission to do so.
  • Customers may be instructed to go to the first available bike, equipment set or location that is furthest away from the door.
  • If the class involves use of equipment, customers will be asked to wipe down the equipment with the sanitiser products provided.
  • During the class please maintain social distancing and listen to the instructions given by the class instructor.
  • At the end of the class please sanitise the equipment used and wait to exit the class by the instructed route with the customer nearest the exit leaving first.
  • To support the safe access and exit of customers in and out of exercise classes the duration of classes may be reduced.
  • Please be aware that failure to follow the cleaning and social distancing requirements within the class will result in customers being asked to leave the premises.